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Our Vision 

The Kingdom will come through the church

Church / Missionary Support

Planting Churches




Leadership Development


​Department of Missions

The Evangelism Division has the Domestic Missions Department and the World Missions Department in order to realise the mission order of the Lord. The Domestic Missions Department supports the construction of sanctuaries and aims to extend missionary centred development of new churches throughout Japan.                 The World Missions Department supports the work being deployed in other countries through missionary cooperation such as donations and short term mission travel, and aims to dispatch missionaries from Japan in the near future.

Department of Education

The Education Division has the Youth Department and the Training Department. The Youth Department aims to promote the spiritual growth and missionary activities of youth from 12 to 24 year of age in each congregation, planning meetings and events, administering Youth Camps twice a year. The training department is awarding dedication from all dedications, strongly building up the church with the pastor and supporting leaders to be used for care of the soul.


Sending Missionaries

Youth Empowerment

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