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Rev. Eriya Yatsuzuka

National Overseer

Japan Church of God

Welcome to the website of Japan Church of God!

The Church of God is a Protestant Christian faith movement headquartered in Tennessee, U.S.A. We believe in the redemption and resurrection by the cross of Jesus Christ, aiming to be transformed into the appearance of Christ, believing that there is still the active work of the Holy Spirit as written in the Bible.

The beginning of our Church of God culture in Japan was from the church school for children who went near Yokohama Yamashita Park started by a couple belonging to the Church of God congregation who were stationed in Japan with the U.S. Forces after the Second World War. Through a letter wherein they requested for a missionary dispatch, Brother Heil and his family were sent from our denominational headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee, U.S.A. The first church resulting from this mission was established in 1954. Today, we are 16 congregations, mainly in the metropolitan areas.


The Gospel of the kingdom of God by Jesus Christ, which began and issues out of Israel, is preached to the world in our present time. That salvation has also been delivered to Japan. I sincerely pray for this to be a nation of God, full of joy by Jesus Christ, extending to all of Israel and the whole world and among all the people in Japan. 

May you be filled with the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

                                                                                                                        Eriya Yatsuzuka

                                                                                                                        National Overseer

                                                                                                                        Japan Church of God



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